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At the Care of Self Center, we offer multiple groups for the needs of our clients and community members. Our groups include:

Current Groups:

 LGBTQIA+ Teenager Group:

 Ages: 13-18

Topics: We will discuss the journey of finding ones authentic sense of sexuality and/or gender. We will still ways to navigate relationships and honor a sense of safety in communicating needs and boundaries. We will discuss how to be in touch with one's body to help them to respond instead of react. It is our hope that each member finds support and learns something about themselves in this process. *Scholarships available for members who need financial assistance. 




Pregnancy Groups:

In working with The Birthing Circle, we offer groups for pregnant women. We offer education on pregnancy, labor, and preparing for the new baby's arrival. These are offered on a continuing bases. 

Past and Upcoming Groups:


Adolescents with Anxiety: to help teach teenagers emotional intelligence and regulation, and practice social skills with their peers. 


Parents: In tandem with the Adolescents with Anxiety. This is to teach the same skills the adolescents are learning so they can help them practice in between sessions. We also teach developmental and communication skills to best help their teenagers. 


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