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At the Care of Self Center, it is our goal is to help you feel better while building your self-understanding and skills.

We are grateful for the opportunity to assist our clients as they explore their goals and resolve the barriers to their success and satisfaction in life. You may be feeling powerless, stuck or confused. Change is possible. Are you excited to feel free and engaged in your life? Are you trying to move through a period of pain and confusion and have lost a sense of direction or confidence in the ability to move forward? We can help you. Therapy can assist you to gain insight into painful experiences, transform patterns that no longer serve you and pinpoint specific issues you may have. Lasting personal growth requires persistent deliberate effort. 

Individual Therapy

Some of our specialties: 

Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety can be normal as part of our ability to survive, but when it starts affecting aspects of our lives we know its becoming more of a problem. Anxiety and depression can come from our learned narratives about ourselves and the world around us. We can begin to feel aches and pains in our bodies, restlessness, fatigue and a loss of pleasure. We will help you identify the areas in your life that are being affected and help you gain coping strategies for a more fulfilling life! 


Holding The Curtain


Our therapists are competently trauma informed. We will work within your own comforts to see how your trauma is affecting your current life. This can often look like an over active nervous system that is ready to respond at every moment. This can look like memories that feel so real in the moment, as if your trauma is happening to you again in that moment. Trauma can look like an inability to trust anyone in our relationships. You are in full control over the conversation and can turn it off at anytime it becomes intolerable. We will never force you to begin or continue. 

Pregnant Woman in a Dress

Pregnancy & Post-Partum

At the Care of Self Center, we believe it is important for all mothers to know that postpartum mood disorders are more common than society would like us to believe. New mothers and their partners are challenged with the responsibility of keeping another being alive, the weight of this responsibility can result in a full range of emotions. Parenthood may feel both joyous and overwhelming. The first few months of motherhood can be especially trying- sleep deprivation, hormonal changes and the physical recovery from birth are just a few of the most common challenges. Shifts within the relationship with intimate partners and/or other significant supports also take place. All of this change is not easy to handle. In fact, one in eight new mothers suffer from symptoms of anxiety, depression, OCD and psychosis. These symptoms can feel disorienting, scary and confusing. As individuals, we like to think we have all the tools we need to cope. We may feel there is nothing too challenging for us to handle or we can do it on our own. Parenthood is one of the times in life that not trying to do it all on your own is more important than ever. Having a trusted and available “village” is key to promoting your health as well as your baby’s. We offer ongoing monthly birthing classes. 

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