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Couples Therapy

Are you and your significant other missing each other? Are your attempts to connect failing? You are not alone in your desire for a better relationship. We can help!  We will collaborate to strengthen your relationship bond while gaining understanding of each individual needs. 

When is a good time to seek couples therapy? Really, as soon as possible. Our separate histories and experiences get intermixed in our relationships and especially the way we handle challenges. Let us help you set the foundation for the best relationship possible. 


While working with couples, our hope is to help you regain your connection. We will help you learn ways to talk to each other about conflict and build connections.

Along with treating relationship distress, our specialties in couples work include recovering after an affair, healing from the effects of addiction, trauma and other emotional problems, preparing your marriage for success.

No Judgement! We offer relationship support to anyone who is seeking it. No relationship structure will be treated differently than any other. We are LGBTQIA+ friendly. 

Let us help you find your connection and intimacy again! 

Couple Hugging

Family Therapy

At the Care of Self Center, LLC we honor each member of the family system. We work to unpack all of the dynamic that is making your family system stuck. We care for each person's perspective and needs so everyone feels heard and validated. We believe that every persons emotions are valid, and come from a place of their own experiences. 


We will help unpack the aspects that are causing frustrations, and help put systems in place for a more harmonious  family system.  Often times, with better communication and listening skills, others can feel heard and can get what they need. ​

We will never judge or treat any family system differently than any other. We work with the system that you consider your family. We are LGBTQIA+ friendly! 

Let us help you find affection, and connected again!

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