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Adolescents & Teenagers

The pandemic has been a tough situation for everyone, but especially for adolescents and teenagers. It is an important time to finding themselves in the outside world. The pandemic has created fears, anxiety and low self esteem.  At the Care of Self Center, we take a development and holistic approach to mental health care. We help them to conquer their appropriate developmental stages, and find their authentic selves.



Girl Painting in Art Class

Play & Art Therapy

We incorporate the natural langue of the younger ones. This can include play, art and talk therapies as is developmentally appropriate for the individual. Our counselors are play and art therapies trained and can competently work to help children express in these modalities. We are all emotional creatures and sometimes need help in expressing our feelings in other ways. We will help your child identify their feelings and process their experiences in ways that feels more comfortable for them to express. 

Here are some ways we can help

Parent Consultations

At the Care of Self Center, we believe the that the family system as a whole functions the best when everyone is on the same page with the same goals. We will meet with the parents periodically, depending on the situation and age of the child. We strive to give the child a safe, confidential space while brining the family into the process. Through working together and communication we can all be a team for the child to get the best healing possible. As parents, we are human and we too have our histories and fears we bring to our children. 

ADHD Testing

We have advanced FDA approved QB Testing for ADHD diagnosing. Since many of the symptoms can be similar for trauma and anxiety, sometimes diagnosing based on self reports can be more difficult. These tests allow us to spotlight specific traits for a clearer diagnosis. These tests measure inattentiveness, restlessness and impulsivity. The can help confirm a diagnosis for medical professionals to prescribe medications. This allows us to specifically pinpoint the more challenging aspects for each person in their daily lives, helping us to trigger the treatment plan and coping skills. 


We offer many different groups for adolescents and teenagers. This allows for a supportive peer environment. We offer psychoeducation along with practical coping skills teens can use during and after the group. Groups help teens feel that they are not alone in their experiences and they can help each other in sharing their own experiences and what they have learned. 

Reach out today to begin the journey of your families healing!

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