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Miran Dalley

About Miran

Miran is a Licensed Graduate Professional  Counselor (LGPC). She graduated from Hood College with a Masters Degree in counseling.  Miran gets to know each client deeply that comes to see her. Miran appreciates each person's unique strengths, internal resources and experiences in each individual. Miran is multiculturally and LGBTQIA+ competent. Miran specializes in mood disorders, anxiety and depression, trauma, ADHD and role transitions. Miran works with adults, adolescents & teenagers. Miran uses developmental approaches to working with clients of all ages.

Miran utilizes a holistic approach to understand the aspects of the person's experiences. Miran works to understand the origin of the pain and anxiousness. Miran will help to heal the wounds and narratives that have brought the person to their current level of functioning. Miran works to help each client understand the causes, and how to create a better flowing nervous system for less suffering and a more balanced daily process. 


Miran uses art therapy, play therapy and talk therapy in combination for the younger clients to bring out their natural languages. Miran uses mindfulness based practices and exercises to bring the body-brain connection in working with anxiety, depression and when comfortable, trauma.  Miran is trauma informed and will take the process as gently and comfortable as is best for each client. Miran will honor the pace and topics that feels best for the client, and will never push a client to an uncomfortable place. 


Miran is Gottman Couples certified, brining in the authentic experience of each partner in the couple. Miran works to understand these unique and individual experiences for a more harmonious functioning. Miran works through healing childhood wounds so they no longer affect the adult functioning. Miran is certified in administering and interpretation the QB Tests for ADHD. Miran is an expert in the ADHD brain and working through coping mechanisms with each aspect of ADHD challenges.


M: (240)805-8805

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